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we’re pausing international shipping on our leather goods

international shipping for our leather collections paused


As you may well know we produce all our leather goods using Australian native wild kangaroo leather, and it’s for this reason that the international shipping rate for our leather goods costs more than our canvas goods [AU$50 vs AU$20]. 

To legally export kangaroo leather goods in Australia it is required to obtain a government approved permit so that exports are thoroughly tracked & traced to ensure our native species populations are protected as much as humanly possible. This is an important step in the industry & is a contributing factor as to what makes kangaroo leather a sustainable material [imagine a world if we restricted permission to export & traced the world's use of cow & other farmed leathers]. 

This permit needs renewal every 12 months or so, & as you would expect that comes at a cost. Then there are also costs everytime a shipment is made, but not just the obvious ones. Due to the permit process, every order to our overseas friends requires a declaration to the Australian border force which costs AU$100 per order in freight agency fees to do so. Then there’s the cost to actually send the goods via plane, which at the moment due to COVID-19 are also higher than normal.

We absolutely love seeing the love from our overseas friends, but the truth is, there’s not that many of you. We wish we had more time & more manpower to reach more of you, but as you can now understand, reaching you also comes at a higher than usual cost for our micro [& young] brand. It’s for these reasons that we have made the hard decision to hit pause on the international shipping of our leather collections with the aim to operate a little more leanly & to focus on growing our leather goods business within our local community first. The pause will commence this Thursday 17th September 2020.

However, it’s not all sad news! If you reside overseas & you’ve been coveting something from our leather collections you still have until Thursday 17th September 11.59PM AEST to order from our ready to ship collection

We are also continuing to ship our canvas goods overseas - far & wide! If you share the love for what we do & adore our beautifully crafted goods, it would mean the world to us if you continued to support us through our canvas product ranges during this pause. We are still committed to our flat rate shipping for all our canvas collections to anywhere in the world & are still working hard to send these collections to you in your place of the world during COVID-19 & beyond.

We will relaunch international shipping for our leathergoods when we have the ability to give you the love you deserve, with streamlined processes in place that will enable our goods to reach you with the best available shipping rates. Until then, we hope to keep seeing your support with our canvas collections.


Be well & stay safe & thanks for your continuing support!

~ Simone x


edit 2023 ~ international shipping is back! read more here.


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