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the design process

simétrie kangaroo leather swatches and bag sketches

The Design

To create something is one of the best feelings in the world, and to share that feeling – is even better.

This is why at Simétrie, we’re focusing on becoming an Australian ethical fashion brand by building a community and teaching the creation process of our handmade leather bags. I first designed the crescent moon pouches to be comfortably created by a person who hasn’t worked leather before, but also to look distinct, well finished and functional.

The design process of the crescent moon pouch took 10 months. When I finally had the concept of the moon shape, it only took a few days to get to the final design. It was like it was meant to be. (Even when the first prototype was pretty rubbish!)

When people ask me what is slow fashion, this where it begins.


simétrie crescent moon development sketches
My initial sketches of the crescent moon pouch showing development through the first prototypes. 


The Making

“I was so excited when I completed the final crescent moon. I knew I had made something very special; a beautiful product that I could teach others to make.”

The first step comes after the leather is cut in a small leather factory near our studio in Brunswick, Melbourne. From these pieces, we use eco-friendly glue and saddle stitching (a hand stitching technique) to assemble the zip into place. Next, we attach the o-rings, and then the body panels.

The whole bag is flat until the final steps, where it is folded in half along the zip line. Then the crescent shaped line of stitching closes the bag. There are many other techniques involved such as skiving the leather to make it thinner at the edges, attaching rivets to further secure the o-rings, sealing the raw edges with a burnishing technique, and so much more.

(If you’re a beginner, you’ll just have to come along to our workshops to learn exactly what I’m talking about!)

The pouches are completely saddle-stitched by hand, taking approximately 3-4 hours to complete depending on the size. The workshops then take 12 hours total, as I slow down the process to give people (you!) enough time to learn each step to make the bags from start to finish.


simétrie crescent moon bag making workshopPhoto by Hands of a Maker


The Materials

“Our leather bag range is made from kangaroo leather, which has been harvested from necessary wildlife management. It wears better, is easily repaired, has a longer life and is 100% biodegradable.”

We ensure this process by vegetable tanning our leather and colouring it using water based dyes, which means it has been treated more naturally instead of nasty chemicals that harm our earth. We also use all natural threads and water-based glues.

Vegetable tanned kangaroo leather is such a beautiful material to work with. Scars and blemishes on the leather show that the kangaroo has lived its life in the wild. It’s comforting to see that the animal was not held in captivity.

Harvesting and exporting of kangaroo products is monitored by the Australian government, where there are many permits required to trade in this industry and Simétrie has the approved permit to export the leather bags to international customers.


“I realise that animal products are still finite, but I decided to use kangaroo leather because I believe it is better than other plastic based alternatives.”


simétrie kangaroo leather and sketches
Photo by Hands of a Maker


The Creative Workshops in Melbourne

Our series of bag-making workshops are based in our studio in Brunswick, Melbourne and hosted by myself, Simone.

I decided to offer workshops not only because I wanted to share the feeling of creation, but I wanted consumers to really know how much work went into a sustainable fashion product and appreciate the time and skills.

It’s also a strong part of our brand ethos. At Simétrie, we appreciate that human care and attention to every detail builds a longer lasting, more premium product.


“We are making something that someone can love and use for longer, saving an otherwise inferior product from landfill.”

  simétrie crescent moon workshops

Photo by Hands of a Maker

Do you want to make your own? Click here to find out more on our workshops. (I hope to see you here soon!)


Tong Lim


When your workshops open? I would like to go have a visit. Where is your workshop located? It is behind carpark orange building? Thank you

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