caring for your leather bag

We promise to use high quality kangaroo leather, but like our own skin, leather needs to be treated with care.

Like your daily skin-care routine, or applying sunscreen when in the sun, our leather bags need special care and a protective coating with good quality leather wax or oil. It’s important to always test leather care products in a concealed location first.

We do not recommend using a leather protector spray, as these products work best on chromium based leathers only and our leather goods are vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanned means the kangaroo hide was processed with plant based ingredients instead of dangerous chemicals, resulting in a more eco-friendly product.

We’ve already applied a water based varnish on the surface of our leather to help with protection against colour change from the sun, natural oils from human skin, and general staining. But this does not make the leather impenetrable. Any inks, heavy oils (or unfortunate spill at the dinner table) will stain.

The kangaroo leather we use is all-natural and harvested from necessary wildlife management – as opposed to farm-bred animals – so you might notice some slight blemishes. The vegetable dye used may also darken over time. Both of these characteristics are 100% normal and part of the handmade good’s beautiful and natural aesthetic.

Please remember to store your leather good in the dust bag included when not in use to limit any unnecessary exposure to the sun.