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Why We Love Personalisation

Personalised Leather Crescent Moon Bag


Personalised gifts are cherished gifts ~

We live in a world where overconsumption is the default. We've been conditioned by advertising, the trend treadmill and social media to shop with a particular mindset geared towards the accumulation of more at increasingly lower costs. 

Even gift giving, one of the most kindly intentioned gestures of love, has become commodified. 

Untangling yourself from the cycle of consumption in your own purchases and those you make for others can be a challenging process that takes the cultivation of awareness and will. 

What can help, however, is shifting your perception of value and considering what it means to  give what will be cherished. When we hold our garments and accessories dear, we're more inclined to take care of them, to hold onto them, and ensure that when we're done with them, they're passed on - we consume less and help the planet more.

In short, when they are loved, when they are cherished, they last.

simétrie has a few simple suggestions on how you can gift items that will be cherished: 

  1. Made with love: gift something you’ve made. We’re all familiar with the warm and fuzzies that accompany a handmade gift. Not to mention, you’ll get all the proven benefits of the kind mindfulness involved in using your hands to craft and have a cherishable gift to give at the end of the process.

  2. Ask: many of us are afraid to ask for help or even for things. This gift giving season consider asking your loved ones what they might actually want or need. It could be a babysitter for an evening, a new pair of hiking shoes or a little treat they’ve had their eye on for a while. These are gifts that will be undoubtedly loved.

  3. Personalise: at simétrie, this ones our favourite. We offer options to personalise bags and wallets by adding your name, a message to a loved one or an inspiring choice few words. We love the way monogrammed leather can imbue your accessories with a quality that is distinctly you. When we carry them, we also these little messages of meaning, reminders of the people we hold dear and make our style truly our own.

This gifting season, simétrie wants to encourage you to consider how we can all give gifts that are cherishable. If you'd like to purchase and monogram one of our pieces, you can add a personalised detail to your bag, wallet, charm or pouch here


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