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~ made to order is currently 4~6 weeks with the exception of the Universal Tote Pack which is around 8~10 weeks. Simone will be in touch with an expected delivery date after you order

no black friday sales here

We’re currently in the thick of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale messages from most Australian brands, but in case you missed it, prices actually increased here at simétrie. The love and time that goes into making our bespoke kangaroo leather pieces has never been justified correctly, and I took this sale period as an opportunity to restore that balance. Congratulations to those who were able to order something in the week’s notice period before prices increased. 

why the price increase?

The simple answer is due to the fact that everything is made here in Australia. profit margins are razor thin so that we can bring you quality made goods, which means if something unexpected happens [ie. a machine breaks down or someone needs time off sick] then the profit is lost and the result is an unsustainable business model. Unfortunately, to enable simétrie to continue creating symmetry in fashion, people and planet, then prices had to increase.

why doesn’t simétrie go on sale?

Making our leather bags in Australia and having lower profit in each purchase essentially means it’s not viable to participate in sales. So you won’t see simétrie ever participating in Black Friday or sitewide sales. When you order a piece of simétrie at full price, you are supporting our art and supporting our artisans.

what is profit used for?

Something rarely written about is what profit actually is used for. For simétrie, profit pays my wage for the other time running the business when I am not making [ie. designing new collections, ordering materials, managing finances, customer service, creating content for Instagram, writing blog posts [like this one!], sending out emails ~ [the list goes on!], the rent for the atelier, the website costs, photoshoot costs, machine maintenance and so so much more. Sometimes profit seems like a dirty word, but it’s actually necessary for the brand to continue and for everyone involved to have a living wage.


Sales periods like this one, there is always pressure for small businesses to go on sale. When you see a small business not going on sale, then you know you are shopping at the best price all year round.

Support local, shop our Australian made collections here.


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