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january updates & insights

I hope you’ve had a beautiful break and are easing into 2024 gently. I was fortunate to spend 5 weeks away from the workbench in New Zealand’s south island to recharge my batteries and reflect on the year and my art practice. 

If you’re on the newsletter you might already know that at the end of 2023 I made the gut wrenching decision to continue simétrie as a solo artist and say goodbye to my team. We’re in the midst of something of an economic crisis, costs of materials and labour are increasing, and spending is decreasing. It’s evident times are tough as we read and hear of so many brands closing down. I cannot thank you enough for choosing to support me and my practice with your purchases, emails, comments and for even just following my journey. It’s crazy to me to think that there’s a community out there (albeit a small one!) that appreciates the work, craft and beauty that I put out there. So thank you for being here.

I also just want to send a huge thank you to Clémence Lebec, who has contributed her skills and craft with me and simétrie on and off since the start. simétrie actually turned 5 years old during the break ~ and this project wouldn’t be where it is today without Clém’s generosity with her time and teachings. You can follow Clém on IG here.


Thank you also to those who gave their feedback via my online survey during the break to help me shape what simétrie will look like this year and beyond. Those of you who know me personally know that juggling simétrie and freelance work is often a hard split of my time and energy, so your feedback is a tremendous help to ensure that my time working on simétrie is laser focused on outcomes that are not only ones I want to pursue, but outcomes that you also want to see from me.

I thought I would give you some insights into the survey results ~ they are super interesting to me, and you might find them interesting also.

I asked what were the three words you would use to describe simétrie?

You said “classic and unique” firstly, and then “minimal, quality and elegant”. Also high in the responses was “ethical, stylish and timeless”.

I also asked, what are your values when it comes to shopping for fashion items? And your highest value items were quality, sustainability, longevity and ethics. Also important to you was originality, aesthetics and Australian made. Value for money and affordability was also high on the list. 

I asked the question if you would still support simétrie if some of the collection was made in an ethically made offshore factory to offer more affordable pieces and help me make special pieces in Australia? 80% of you said yes, 5% said no, and the rest were in the middle, stating they would be concerned about who was making them. This has been a challenging question for me, and something I will consider heavily if I ever need to go down this path. Ultimately I love making my pieces by hand, so this aspect of simétrie will never go away. Offshoring some aspect of production would be a last resort option to help me continue making special pieces here in Australia.

Lastly, I asked what designs you wanted to see from me, and no surprise the highest chosen response was Bags of Art (Beauties you can carry). This is definitely the direction I am heading in as I want to make more inspired works of art that you carry. Being in the thick of New Zealand’s natural landscape over the break has ignited some new ideas for the natural geometric shapes I tend to create in my work, and I am excited to craft new shapes and details in the coming months. Watch this space and sign up to the newsletter to ensure you don’t miss any updates.

The survey competition is closed and winners of the e-gift cards have been contacted as below:

1 x $300 e-gift card 

Eleanor Bourne

2 x $100 e-gift cards

Camille Arh

Suzanne Elovalis

2 x $50 e-gift cards

Susan Hartnett

Nikki Pratt

One final note is to say that I am back in the atelier now, making your orders. Made to order is 2~4 weeks away, otherwise there are plenty of in-stock pieces that are ready to ship here. If there is a special occasion coming up for you, or there is someone you need to show love to, gifting a piece of simétrie is an excellent way to gift them something they will love. Or if there is a custom design you have in mind and would like to enquire about, get in touch with me via email

I will also be at two markets coming up in April + May, both at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. So stay tuned to hear more about them. If there’s a market you think I should be at, let me know in the DMs on IG, or email me as above.

Thanks so much

~ simone xx


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