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~ made to order is currently 4~6 weeks with the exception of the Universal Tote Pack which is around 8~10 weeks. Simone will be in touch with an expected delivery date after you order

XS Moon Coin Purse / M Moon Phone Pouch

In our first Online Leather Tutorial, watch Simone demonstrate each step to making your own XS Moon Coin Purse & M Moon Phone Pouch from the comfort of your home.

All Leather Kits and the Tool Kit used in the video are available in our new Made From Home range.

The video is designed for you to watch whilst your making your Leather Kit, so you can follow along, pause and re-watch all steps as you please.
You'll notice there are 25 steps in total in making your coin purse/ phone pouch, it sounds like a lot but it has been broken down in many small steps to help you. The headings are on the video at all times so you can easily skip ahead and re-wind without losing track. Please also find the steps below.

If you've ordered a Leather Kit, be sure to join the Simétrie Made From Home Community to share your experience and ask Simone any questions along the way.


Here are the steps for the pouch>

INTRO [0:00]
1. Burnish the zip window [3:07]
2.  Prepare the zip [8:22]
3. Glue the zip [13:51]
4. Place the zip [24:13]
5. Glue underside the zip [27:29]
6. Place zip facing [30:36]
7. Poke stitch holes [33:37]
8. Prepare the thread [36:41]
9. Stitch the zip line [42:13]
10. Repair a split thread [54:36]
11. Finish the zip line [57:25]
12. Secure the knot [1:07:17]
13. Flatten your stitching [1:08:43]

~ If you have the new upgraded leather kit with the o-rings and leather tabs this is where you need to insert them before gluing the bag closed. you can find this additional video below. ~

14. Glue the bag closed [1:11:18]
15. Poke body stitch holes [1:17:58]
16. Prepare the thread [1:22:25]
17. Final stitching [1:25:49]
17.a Repairing knots [1:30:42]
18. Complete stitching [1:31:58]
19. Sand the edges [1:42:42]
20. Burnish the edges [1:50:13]
21. Repeat sanding if required [1:54:07]
22. Repeat burnishing [1:55:28]
23. Repeat sanding [1:57:56]
23. Repeat burnishing [1:58:11]
24.Watering the pouch [1:59:43]
25. Open the seams [2:02:17]
OUTRO [2:04:41]


Hint: Once you've clicked to play the video, click the lower right button to go into full screen mode. 


Adding the O-rings to the M Moon Phone Pouch

If you've ordered the M Moon Phone Pouch after the 4th Dec 2020, you will have noticed a little addition [or two] that we've made to the design.

After many of you asked about adding a strap to this particular design, we listened, & we've now included the o-rings and the leather tabs with our leather kits for this size.

The o-rings are added to both faces of the pouch, one on the front, and one on the back. You can find the video tutorial below.

Here are the steps to add the o-rings> [M size only]

1. Glue the tab into place [0:00]
2. Poke holes of top two stitch rows [3:13]
3. Prepare the thread [3:51]
4. Stitch the 1st row above the slit [5:10]
5. Stitch the 2nd row above the slit [9:37]
6. Attach the ring [11:02]
7. Poke holes of bottom stitch row [13:12]
8. Stitch the last row [13:47]



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