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Elevation Tote

In next Online Leather Tutorial, watch Simone demonstrate each step to making your own Elevation Tote from the comfort of your home.

All Leather Kits and the Tool Kit used in the video are available in our new Made From Home range.

The video is designed for you to watch whilst your making your Leather Kit, so you can follow along, pause and re-watch all steps as you please.
You'll notice there are 45 steps in total in making your leather tote, it sounds like a lot but it has been broken down in many small steps to help you. The headings are on the video at all times so you can easily skip ahead and re-wind without losing track.

If you've ordered a Leather Kit, be sure to join the Simétrie Made From Home Community to share your experience and ask Simone any questions along the way.

Here are the steps >

INTRO [0:03]

  1. Burnish exposed edges [3:46]
  2. Burnish the straps [9:51]
  3. Glue the pocket to the back panel [17:18]
  4. Place the pocket to the back panel [19:42]
  5. Poke pocket stitching holes [21:02]
  6. Prepare your thread [23:00]
  7. Saddle stitch back pocket [25:55]
  8. Finish with overlapped stitches and a knot [34:39]
  9. Some notes on the pocket [40:45]
  10. Sand the seam allowances on the gusset base line [42:10]
  11. Glue base to the gussets [43:26]
  12. Punch holes on the base panel [44:38]
  13. Prepare thread for base seams [45:40]
  14. Saddle stitch base panel seam [47:49]
  15. Repeat saddle stitch on other base seam [55:10]
  16. Glue knot and press stitching [57:05]
  17. Some notes on next steps [58:17]
  18. Sand the base / back / front seam allowances [58:31]
  19. Glue the base and back panel seam [1:01:04]
  20. Poke holes on base / back panel seam [1:03:53]
  21. Prepare the main body / base seam threads [1:05:29]
  22. Saddle stitch the base / back seam [1:07:37]
  23. Flatten the stitching [1:12:22]
  24. Glue the front the base [1:14:00]
  25. Poke the base / front seam holes [1:16:32]
  26. Saddle stitch the front / base seam [1:18:04]
  27. Some notes on attaching the straps [1:23:35]
  28. Sand the seam allowance on the straps [1:28:09]
  29. Glue the strap to the back panel [1:31:01]
  30. Glue the gussets to the strap at the back seam [1:36:14]
  31. Press open the base seams a little [1:40:32]
  32. Glue the remaining strap into the front seam [1:41:54]
  33. Press open those base seams again if needed [1:45:05]
  34. Poke the stitching holes in all side seams [1:45:54]
  35. Prepare all thread for the last seams [1:49:20]
  36. Saddle stitch the back panel seams [1:52:53]
  37. Saddle stitch the front panel seams [2:05:36]
  38. Secure the knot with glue and flatten seams [2:14:31]
  39. Clip the corners so they are rounded [2:16:30]
  40. Sand back all four body seams [2:17:30]
  41. Burnish the body seams of the bag [2:24:17]
  42. Water the bag [2:28:30]
  43. Further press the base line seams [2:30:33]
  44. Water the straps [2:31:17]
  45. Apply a leather dressing [2:31:34]

OUTRO [2:35:27]







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