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Gorgeous quality for a lasting work of art

It's hard not to gush about this bag, because it sparks so much joy every time I use it. Everything about it - from the sleek, minimalist design to the beautiful craftsmanship - speaks to its quality and functionality. It's the perfect size for all the essentials (small wallet/card holder, phone, sunglasses case and keys) without being weighed down, and elevates every outfit. The matte dark leather is so much lighter in weight than cow leather and is offset beautifully by the gold hardware and detailing. Also, Simone's customer service was top notch - I had a lot of questions about the products and crafting process, and she was very generous with her knowledge as she showed me around the atelier. I highly recommend this beautiful bag and any of simétrie's products - you'll be owning a work of art that will last many years to come.


I finally gifted myself the thick crescent moon in Night after having my eye on it for a few years,and I am so happy I did. It is the perfect little black bag that my wardrobe had been missing.
It's such a beautiful,classic piece and the workmanship is immaculate! Simone and her team are incredible craftspeople.
I feel so special everytime I wear it, I just adore it!

Thanks so much Madeline, I am so happy you love it! ~ simone x

Miss Theresa Davis
Simply Beautiful

My thick crescent moon bag in olive arrived today.....even the box it came in was perfect.
I have unpacked it, adjusted the strap and now just being amazed at how much it holds...all my daily essentials are in with room to spare.
The design, feel of the leather,colour and stitching as well as overall look are all tops for me and the craftspeople who handmade it for me did wonderful work.
Thanks Simone and all at Simétrie

Thank you so much for your feedback! So glad you love your thick crescent moon Theresa, we loved making it for you. ~ simone x

The perfect bag

I cannot say enough good things about my thick crescent moon bag. The proportions are perfect and it looks beautiful from any angle. The leather is beautiful & surprisingly light. It’s fun & easy to wear.

Simone and her team of craftswomen are so talented and a real pleasure to work with. It was so cool to see the making of my bag along the way. It gives you a new appreciation for the work that goes into making this wearable art.

I also added the crescent moon card charm. It looks lovely hanging from the corner of the bag and makes accessing my daily card simple!

Thanks again, Simone!

Thank you for the review Taylor, so happy you love your bag. We loved making this for you.

I am in love with this bag

I have this bag in night, and it is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. The quality is fantastic and the design is stunning. Aesthetics aside, the bag is spacious enough that it will comfortably hold my large iphone, my cardholder, my glasses case and a small snack. It goes well from everyday-use to complimenting a nice outfit in the evening. I 100% recommend it.